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Chapter 3-Settling in?

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After a short walk I found myself in the house infirmary. It is pretty plain but still manages to be kid friendly. Around the wide circular room ten comfortable looking beds with white sheets are laid. I can see a few cabinets which seem to hold medicine and doctor's equipment. Everything in the room is white but the sea of plush toys. They are everywhere: on the beds, on cabinets, floor, even hanging from ceiling! "Do you like the infirmary? I hope you won't need to spend much time in here in the future." Xavier told me. I just looked at him questioningly. He thought for a moment and then answered my silent question. "I am a doctor in here. Don't look at me like that I do have the license." he said when I looked at him incredulously. I just rolled my eyes. "Why am I here with you? I am not injured." I said after a moment of silence. "Your fall was rather graceless and I can see the way you limp. Probably hit your right leg hard. And your left hand is bleeding. If you think of that as not injured I may begin to question your sanity." he answered while searching for something in one of the cabinets. I blinked and looked at my hand and leg. I knew something hurt but didn't realize what exactly it was. Xavier turned around and saw me looking at my injuries. His lip twitched. "I am questioning your sanity. Sit down we don't have much time before the curfew for younger kids." he ushered me to one bed. I sat down with a sigh. "You are questioning my sanity even though I stabbed you with a knife. It's you who is bleeding idiot." I said matter of factly while he was tending to my hand. "That? You just scratched my arm. Do you think I would let you injure me that easily? If that was the case half of the kids would have already escaped. But I must say I am proud. Even though it's just a scratch you managed to injure me somehow. Your father trained you for these kinds of situations didn't he?" Xavier asked me. I felt a bit numb so I just nodded. 'He let me think I stabbed him. How strong is he as a fighter? Better add this to my escape plan. Don't be ANYWHERE near him while running away.' I was startled from my thinking by a stinging pain in my ankle. I hissed at the pain and attempted to yank my leg away from the psychopath who is currently trying to help me. I could laugh at the irony of this situation if I wasn't busy shooting death glares at Xavier. "Hold still I need to tie it up. It's a bit swollen but otherwise it should be fine in few days. Do you want crutches?" He asked me after tying my right ankle. "I would't ask for them even if I had broken both legs." I answered as I stood up and yelped quietly. He quirked his eyebrow but let it go as I started walking towards the hall. "You're gonna hurt yourself even more." he told me. I scoffed and quickened my pace. We made it to the dressing room in no time. Anett and Sarah were in their own world, trying on all clothes in their sizes. The dressing room is more colorful than the infirmary. The walls are painted baby blue while the ceiling is white. The floor is covered by dark blue carpet and there are shelves and racks full of clothes. "Go right to the girl section and pick whatever you like. Whenever you need something you can just come here and take it. The only requirement is that you can stuff all the things into your wardrobe." Daniel said and gave me a big bag.I went over to the girl section. Good thing Anett and Sarah are almost 15 centimeters higher then me. At least I don't have to fight for clothes. I walked around a few times and took things which I liked. In the end I had three pairs of jeans, 12 shirts in dark colors, some plain and others with quotes, black and denim shorts, 5 hoodies and black sneakers, as well as other necessities. I put the now heavy bag on the floor and went to see the girls. "Hey Anett, Sarah how are you coping?" I asked when I reached them. They were trying on some sundresses. "Honestly, I don't know. I mean we were kidnapped by THE Phantom. But other then the rumors they don't seem that scary. But those masks...why do they keep them on their faces?" asked Sarah while admiring herself in the mirror. My eye twitched. Not so scary you say. "No idea. But that they are treating you like princesses doesn't mean you can let your guard down around them. They aren't good people and you know it." I told them leaning against the wall. Both girl turned to look at me. "Look Gabrielle we know your father is a policeman and all but you are overreacting. I'm sure my father will get us out eventually and if it means going with the flow for now I am gonna do it and enjoy it. Besides, if they are really evil why treat to your wounds when you tried and failed to run away and give us free clothes, place to stay and food? What's so bad about it?" ranted Anett obviously angry at me. I glared at her. "What is wrong with that? You ask me what is wrong with being kidnapped? If I remember correctly you were scared out of your skin when they introduced themselves and before they showed you this dress room. What is your brain made of, dead cells?" my voice raised till I shouted at her. "What are you even talking about?! All you do is try to look like a hero when in reality you are zero! I don't even know what they see in you! You are just an attention seeking brat!" Anett yelled at me. I bit my tongue to keep from exploding. I took few deep breaths. "You know what? Let's see how long you can think of them as good people, how long it takes for you to understand what is really happening." I told them icily and turned on my heel. On my way to the Phantom brothers I picked up my bag. ' Am I acting like that?' Worry rose in my stomach. 'How can I make sure they don't fall right into the hands of these psychopaths?' I was startled out of my thinking by Daniel waving his hand in front of my face. "What?" he just sighed and repeated what he was saying before. "Gabrielle we are ready to go. Give me your bag I will carry it." I looked at him. "I am perfectly able to carry my own things thanks." I said and put the heavy bag on my shoulder. He just shrugged and the girls gave me a death glare from behind his back. The kidnappers carried Anett's and Sarah's fuller than full bags all the way to the third floor. My ankle felt like it could give out every time I put too much weigh on it. Guess being stubborn does have it's bad points. "Here we are.This part of the mansion is solely for children's rooms. The floors are divided by age. The ground-floor is for 6-10 year olds, second for 11-15 year old and this floor is for 16-18 year olds. The room with labels on them are taken. You can look inside the unlabeled ones and pick one room for yourself." explained Daniel. Girls went to look at the rooms right away while I put down my bag and went to the end of the hallway. On right side there was one uninhabited room so I took a look. The room was rather small. The walls were painted in black and dark blue color, as was the ceiling. On the floor laid a small soft pearl white carpet. A bed made of dark wood stood in the left corner next to a small light blue study desk with 3 drawers and a black lamp. On the right side of the desk stood a high window with a window seat covered by light and dark blue pillows. By the wall opposite the bed stood a black wardrobe. I walked into the room to get a better look. Every piece of furniture was carved with what seemed like simple Victorian design. When I turned towards the doorway I saw the last detail. Instead of the wooden surface of door an oval mirror adorned the place. It had the same designs as the rest of the furniture. However I hate to say it I was enchanted by the room. I went back outside to take my bag to my new room. Xavier smiled at me already carrying my bag towards the room. I rolled my eyes but let him do so. "Nice pick. I will put the nameplate on." he said as he set the bag inside. He took out a...sticker? He put it on the door. I looked at it and my eyes almost fell out of my skull. The sticker was 3D?! It was black and it said Gabrielle Jackson in golden color. "Now girls, we will give you an hour to settle in and then come back for you. The door on the other side of Gabrielle's is the girls bathroom. Don't cause trouble." they said and left. I closed the door and laid on the bed. A tear left my eye. 'Why had this happened? What did I do? I didn't stand out, just another ordinary student. Why had they taken me? My dad, he planned this to the smallest detail, just for them not to know about us. How did they...?' I thought as more tears left my eyes. I just laid there, memories running wild but always coming to the one I didn't want to remember...


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