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Chapter 2-Arrival to prison

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What happened to Gabrielle? Where are the Phantom taking the girls? Read the seconf chapter to find out.
'Oww. My head is pounding. What happened?' I open my eyes, immediately regretting it. I groan, the headache is killing me and the slight light coming from the front window of the car isn't making it any better. Why am I in a car anyway? "She's already awake? You put too little of the anesthetic bro." said a man sitting in the front seat. Anett and Sarah are asleep on either side of me. Suddenly the memories from before hit me like a truck. I try to move only to find my hands and legs are tied with a rope and I am secured by the seat belt. "It's useless Gaby. I took extra care in tying you up, seeing as you are rather feisty." said the one driving. He was the one who destroyed my plan of escaping. "Thanks, that helped a lot." I said as sarcastically as I could with my headache. They laughed. I scowled. "What the heck did you give me anyway? My head hurts like hell!" I complained. The shorter one, Daniel if I remember correctly, snickered and answered my question. "Only anesthetics, nothing that can kill you." I rolled my eyes. "Suuure. Why did you take me anyway? Those two are beautiful and rich but me?" I asked, sincerely curious. Daniel turned around to look at me. "We will have to do something about that low self-esteem. You know, we picked you for one reason. You captured our attention. We were looking for info on these two when we came across you. Daughter of a policeman and a local theater actress. Gabrielle Jackson. You are most known for your sarcastic and studious personality. At least throughout the town." he said with a flashing grin. I gulped but refused to show that I'm scared. "Nice. You stalkers know a lot bout me and I only know one of your names and that you are creeps." I scoffed. The driver snickered while Daniel looked highly amused and confused at the same time. "One of our names?" he questioned. "I am not deaf nor stupid, Daniel. He said your name when he so kindly stopped my ultimate escape plan. As strong as I may look I assure you I am not powerful enough to kick your asses." I said as sweetly as I could. The look on their faces were hilarious. Daniel's jaw was hanging open and the nameless kidnapper choked on air before getting his poker face on again. "I have never been outsmarted by a child. Another reason why you are interesting for us." he smirked at me and all the bells in my mind ringed danger. I need to distract them for only a bit longer. I almost have the rope untied. I felt a small movement next to me so I looked over. Anett started waking up. As soon as she saw that we were in the backseats of a car panic filled her face. "Looks like beauty is awake. Hello Anett." said Daniel. Anett started crying and chanting "no!" under her breath again and again. "Our beauty is scared Xavier." said Daniel mockingly. "Good thing we are arriving home in the next 5 minutes, isn't it?" the driver, now known as Xavier answered. I gulped. So little time. I tried to untie the last knot holding my hands together as quickly as I could without looking suspicious. We passed by a tall iron gate and stopped before a huge mansion. It was made of maroon colored bricks and looked more like a small castle than a mansion with it's two towers and a colorful garden. "Welcome to your new home. You see, we stick to one procedure when we bring our new children home. Firstly they pick some new clothes in a big dressing room. Next they choose a room where they will mostly sleep but they can do a lot more things there. After that they will be introduced to other children and we will tell you the rules and what happens when you break them. But one rule will be said right now and the breaking of this rule will only go unpunished today, once we get inside the mansion it will be considered rule breaking. No running away. If you can't remember it we will teach you the hard way." said Xavier. Both of them had malicious smiles on their faces. "You won't kill us if we try to run?" I asked, trying to break some tension. Sarah, who was woken up before this speech by Daniel and Anett were terrified to the point of shivering like mad. Xavier looked startled. "Of course not. We would break our promise to the police then. No, we will do something much worse." he smirked. "It will make you beg for death." finished Daniel. I felt my body freeze despite my will. I shook it off as quickly as it came. 'Last chance to get away. I doubt it will work but still, I can't mess this up!' I thought as Phantom brothers stepped out of the car. I quickly fished a pocket knife from the hidden inner pocket of my jacket and cut the rope on my legs. I made it just that I could kick it off but until I did it looked tightly tied. I hid the knife in the palm of my right hand right as the door opened on both sides. "Come out beauties." the kidnappers said as they made Anett and Sarah get out. They weren't even tied up! "Little Gabrielle wants to stay in the car?" asked Xavier. "You tied me up you idiot." I sneered at him. That jerk! He laughed! "How could I forget?" he asked rhetorically and picked me up bridal style. I checked that Daniel was on the other side of the car and then smirked. I couldn't get a better chance than this. I kicked my legs and the rope came off. after that I swung myself out of his hold and purposefully landed on his legs. He grunted and lunged at me but I was prepared. I rolled out of the way and stabbed his arm when he reached for me. The knife is small so the wound is not even painful enough but it made him groan and stay on the floor for an extra second. Just enough for me to start sprinting towards the gate. It has some bars on it which will help me climb over it. I hear fast footsteps approaching me. My heart is beating quickly and loudly as I jump at the gate as high as possible and start climbing up. Just a bit more! I reach the top and push myself up. 'Now what? Jump!' I jumped from the four and half meter tall gate. Both of my legs connected with the ground and sent me sprawling on the cement road. I got up and looked back only to realize the gate opened and Daniel was only a three steps away from me. I sighed and put my hands up in surrender. He grabbed my arm without any words and dragged me towards the car. I winced. His grip was tight and I am sure it will leave a bruise. Now that the adrenaline started to fade I felt how many injuries my little fall caused. An amused looking Xavier was holding his arm and watching us approach. "Daniel, no need being so harsh. After all, I said that the running away rule was prohibited once we crossed the walls of the mansion. Which we didn't, yet." his smile broadened as Daniel let go of my hand and went to stand by the girls, as if to prevent them from trying the same. Xavier stood before me and took both of my hands into his. "Good job, little Gabrielle. Only few found the loophole in my speech. But only one got as far as you did. Honestly, it was foolish of me to underestimate you. I can promise you I will never do it again." he whispered to me and I shivered from the tone he used. His words felt like poison for the simple reason, he found this all interesting. He was the brain of phantom, however much Daniel seems to think. Xavier is the more dangerous of the duo. Because for him kidnapping children and watching them, testing them is the definition of fun. As this realization crossed my mind I paled. Only now I understood what we have gotten into. What have I gotten into when I thought I outsmarted them. unless I had a solid, 99% working plan I wouldn't get away from them. The tricks my father taught me won't work. They know them as well as I do. "Shall we go inside now? I think a little trip to infirmary is needed for both of us." said Xavier as he took my hand and led me inside. I couldn't help but compare him to a spider in my mind. And I fell right into his web.


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